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Websites for home learning

Here is some information and useful websites to assist in learning at home. Please check our page regularly for any updates or additional information.

 We hope you are safe and well! Please do not hesitate to get in touch via my email:


Please remember that it is very important for your children to continue to read daily and practice their timetables.

Can they also practice these spellings.  

Year 4 Learning Overview

Year 4 Topic Based Activities


It is important to keep active! There are some excellent videos on Youtube to get the children moving even whilst indoors and focusing on some skills such as yoga and dance.



Daily arithmetic is important for the children – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

White Rose Maths home learning tutorial videos continue from where the children are up to in school and have activities to complete alongside each lesson.


https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/ also has many resources for free during the period of school closure.

The children have a unique log in for Prodigy – this game has lots of activities which help children practise their maths!


Children in Year 4 should be fluent in times tables up to 12 x 12.






Children should be practicing weekly spellings.

Plenty of writing opportunities should be available such as diary entries, short stories, letters and character/setting descriptions. These could be linked to the topic of Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest (See overview sheet and activity grid included in home learning pack).

Children can practice their SPaG on www.spag.com – children have log in details for this.


Writing Opportunities

Online Stories

Listen in to a story every day at 11am from David Williams from his books The World's Worst Children. They last about 20 mins.



Twinkl is currently giving free access to many resources. Follow the link and use UKTWINKLHELPS


They will provide a daily routine to follow. Don't feel you have to do it all, as we have other things for you to do.


We have been focusing on what makes a healthy relationship – this provides some good discussion points for friendships – what makes a good friendship, how we treat other people. 


We have been learning about Holy Week and the lead up to Easter including Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Children could research the meaning of these days and what happened. Children could discuss the reason that Jesus died on the cross and what his resurrection means.



In our topic we will be looking at and comparing a country in South America – Brazil. Children can find out what life is like in Brazil.

Children should research:
Where in the world is Brazil?

What is the capital of Brazil?

Are there any landmarks?

What features does it have? Are there any rivers?

Your home learning grid has lots of activities which you can complete at home.



CodeCombat enables children to develop coding skills.

https://codecombat.com/   You need your personal login.



https://www.primarylatinproject.org/ Minimus workbook linked to our school Latin work.


Key learning indicators of performance - English Reading

Key learning indicators of performance - English Writing

Key learning indicators of performance - Mathematics






A warm hello and welcome from Miss Knight. Miss Oates will be teaching each Wednesday morning and Miss Juntunen every Friday afternoon.

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Theme including English Overview

RE Overview


Year 4—The Mission of the Church / The Early Christians

“Through the Church Christ fulfils and reveals God’s plan to unite all things in him. Christ gave his Church a structure in calling and choosing twelve apostles. With them and their successors he shares his mission, his power and authority. In the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost the Church was revealed and its mission to the nations was begun… The ultimate purpose of this mission is to share in the communion of life and love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”                                                                                                                             Religious Education Curriculum Directory


Year 4 will learn that Peter was chosen by Jesus to play a special role in the Church and that Jesus gave his followers a mission – to spread the Good News to others. They will learn that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to help his followers and that Pentecost was the beginning of the Church. They will learn about the missions of Peter and Paul and about Stephen the first martyr of the Christian faith.

At Home:

You could help your children by:               

• discussing with them the life of St Peter and that he was the first Pope

• reading the missionary journeys of St Paul in Acts of the Apostles (Ch 16 ff)




The class teacher is Miss Knight.

Please look at our class page to find out any information you might need.  Our door is always open, so if you have any questions, please feel free to come and see me.

We go swimming every Thursday at 09.15pm. Please remember to bring your swimming kit.






Here are some fun websites to go on at home:

National Geographical for kids

Maths Games

English Games