Science at Holy Family


At Holy Family Catholic Primary School our intent is that children develop an enthusiasm for Science through a range of engaging and hands-on activities. Their knowledge and understanding of important scientific concepts are developed, along with key processes, skills and vocabulary. 

Children are taught different ways of thinking, how to find things out and how to communicate their ideas effectively. We endeavour to make lessons thought-provoking and relevant, leading children to wonder, ask questions, research and then discuss their findings. 

Ultimately, we aspire to ensure the children become successful, confident learners through Science, leaving Holy Family Primary School equipped with the scientific knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their secondary education and beyond.

Holy Family staff are currently part of an effectiveness trial in the 'Thinking, Doing, Talking, Science' Primary Programme. This approach focuses on developing creative and challenging Science lessons which encourage pupils to use higher order thinking skills. Our teachers enable their pupils to think and talk about scientific concepts through dedicated discussion time, providing them with a wide range of opportunities for creative investigations and problem solving. They focus pupils' recording so that there is always time for practical Science. 

Thinking Doing Talking Science

For work focussed around Living Things, Seasonal Change and Habitats, we take the children to Dob Croft, the nature reserve located just behind the school to gather evidence for investigative work. 

Dob Croft Nature Reserve



What do children say about Science at Holy Family Catholic Primary School?

"I really like Science because we get to do experiments." - Jay

"We learn about famous Scientists like Charles Darwin" - Matas

"I really like Science in this school. I especially enjoyed learning about what DNA is"  Ezrine


The school vision for the teaching of Science

National Curriculum

Progression in Science Knowledge

Progression of Skills

Science Whole School Overview

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Strategies to support children in Science.