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Year 6 Team

Class Teacher - Mrs Wilson         

Interventions Teacher (HLTA) -Miss Oates 



Welcome to Year 6  class pages. Year 6 is a very exciting time at primary school and our children have some great activities and experiences to look forward to this year. To help with organisation, here are some days to remember each week:

Monday  - Spelling test day. We learn new spelling rules each week and will have a weekly progress check to see if we can remember how to apply the spelling rules. 

Wednesday and Thursday - PE days. Please remember to bring your kit. In the colder months, please also remember to bring a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt as we will do outdoor lessons on some sessions.

Friday - Homework day. Homework is set each Friday and should be returned by the following Friday. We will go through the homework together in class. Homework is based around the learning covered in English and Maths in class. Each term, we also set some research tasks and art and craft projects related to the termly topic.  

 We look forward to sharing the exciting learning that takes place in year 6 through the school newsletter, curriculum topic grid and website blog as well as future celebration assemblies, workshops and open days.  

Please see some websites below which support the learning in Year 6 and also our recommended reading books.


Year 6 Curriculum Grid Spring 2 2023                                               

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Year 6 RE Overview

Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings List




In PE during Autumn term, Year 6 took part in orienteering sessions which has involved finding out information and facts linked to their Science topic. They also learned Hockey skills with PNE coaches and learning dance routines with the theme 'Countries of the World' with Eilish , a specialist Dance teacher. In spring term, they enjoyed learning gymnastics skills with Miss Oates.

"I like Orienteering. We have to look at our map carefully to find where the clues to questions are located" - Olivia

" I think Orienteering is fun because we are learning new things and exercising at the same time" - Jack.

"I like Hockey because we learn skills like how to dribble and pass the ball. I like the games we play too" -Anthony





Pupil Led Prayer and Liturgy



We follow White Rose Maths small steps in our daily lessons. This programme includes Mathematical fluency as well as a range of reasoning and problem solving activities. It supports our mastery approach to learning Mathematics. 

You can access Maths lesson videos, worksheets and daily Arithmetic practice here. You will need the login details for year 6. 

White Rose Maths

User name            l.wilson@holy-family.lancs.sch.uk

password              holyfamilywilson




Times Tables Rockstars

Prodigy Maths




In English in Autumn term, children enjoyed writing stories inspired by Norse Mythology.

Their stories all follow the plot structure of 'Freya and the Goblins' but are all unique as each pupil made their own vocabulary choices and carefully blended action, description and dialogue to create a picture in the reader’s mind. They then went on to devise their own ending to the story. 

They then went on to produce some super diary accounts based on the story of 'A Christmas Truce'

In Spring term, the children will be writing some non-fiction texts inspired by their Geography Topic - Our Changing World


In Autumn term, the Year 6 class novel was Viking Boy.

In spring term, the children will be reading 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie.  

Year 6 Statutory Spellings

The children have also enjoyed writing spooky 200 word stories for Fulwood Academy's Writing Competition 



Our class novel this term is The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie


Please see our class reading list below. Our class  novels link to our creative curriculum topics. In year 6, children experience a rich and varied range of texts. These include fiction and non- fiction guided reading texts, carefully selected class reading books designed to challenge the reader and a wide range of library books.  All of our children are encouraged to to read for pleasure on a daily basis. 

Recommended Reading for Year 6

Curriculum Novels:





 In Autumn 1, Children in Year 6 are worked on creating their own web pages with information, pictures and photographs of their learning in Year 6.

In Autumn 2, They worked on a 3D Modelling unit using the design program  Tinkercad 3D Design

In Spring 1 half term, children learned all about Spreadsheets

This half term, the children will be beginning a unit on Programming 







Science knowledge Organiser Evolution and Inheritance    Autumn 1

Science knowledge Organiser Living Things and their Habitats Spring 1


Science Knowledge Organiser Electricity Spring 2



This Website contains useful information for reading about the work of a diverse range of people who work in the field of Science and Technology.

In Autumn Term, the children studied Evolution and Inheritance and Living Things  They  enjoyed a visit to Dob Croft Nature Reserve to search for wildlife 








Year 6 Art Gallery 

Year 6 have designed and created clay viking heads. They began  by researching images of Viking warriors and then used the skills of 'shape, score, slip and blend'  to create these clay designs. 



DT - Food Technology

In Autumn Term, Year 6 have been working on a food technology unit based around 'Healthy Soups'. They began by tasting and different soups available on the UK market place and evaluating them in terms of appearance, texture and taste. They will be going on creating their own recipe and using peeling and chopping skills to prepare their ingredients.




 In Spring 2, the children will be beginning a new DT unit on Textiles. They will be investigating how to join fabrics and use different stitches to create a mobile phone holder or a purse ....... photos to follow


In Year 6 we have been learning different styles of songs using BBC Teach programme.

In Autumn term, We have enjoyed the Viking Sagas and  in Spring 1 we sang songs based around William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' 

In Spring 2, our music will follow the theme of the classic fiction tale, Treasure Island 

Viking Songs


Treasure Island

We have also enjoyed listing to a classical piece called Danse Macabre by Camille Saint -Saens. We followed a listening map and identified instruments from the orchestra, 

Listen to Danse Macabre

We have also learned a song by Simon and Garfunkel called 'Last Night I had the Strangest Dream' for our Remembrance Day Assembly 

Listen to Last night I had the Strangest Dream


We enjoyed a visit from The Yogi Group. Our workshop involved learning how to clear our mind and relax and well as stretch our bodies though doing a range of Yoga moves. 

In Spring term, we were very excited to begin a new programme called My Happy Mind. It teaches us all about how our brains work and taught us an invaluable technique for restoring calmness in our lives called Happy Breathing




BBC Newsround

At lunchtime each day, Year 6 like to watch BBC Newsround. It keeps us up to date with what is going on in the world and has some really interesting news features. We often discuss world events and share our opinions. 

You can watch Newsround here

Carol Service 2022  

Advent Service Programme 2022


SATS Practice Resources  

Expected Standard Maths Booklet

Expected Standard Reading Booklet

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Expected Standard Booklet

We are pleased to announce that our Year 6 production for 2023 is The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Script

One Day in Kansas

Dorothy Dear


Perfect Like You


Clang Every Symbal


Just Another Day

There's No Place Like Home